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In today's competitive world an athlete simply cannot just keep playing a sport and become a player. We at ADAB Sports Consulting provide a support system that enables a structured, scientific and smoother path to success

Building this structure of professionals and support team enables better performance time management, techniques and strategies for athletes to reach optimal performance

Our mentors are Professional Athletes, Collegiate Athletes, Trainers, Nutritionists Physical Trainers etc. We provide consultancy and practical workshops to prepare the athlete for tournaments and a life as a sports professional

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We partner with fitness trainers, psychologists, nutritionists and more to ensure that all needs of a top-level athlete are met and our clients get the best holistic experience

  • Goal setting
  • Weekly skype calls
  • On-course/on-court mentoring
  • Local tournament support
  • Post-match analysis
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Motivational conversations
  • College Recruitment Roadmap
  • Tournament scheduling
  • Collaboration with existing coach
  • Assistance with time management
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With a great network and in depth knowledge we provide extremely critical and important information for our clients

Playing sport is the best training or opportunity a parent can provide his/her children. Sports powers the following attributes in athletes

  • Character
  • Discipline
  • Work Ethic
  • Exposure (Traveling)
  • Team Work
  • Opportunity
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The opportunities that sports opens up for skilled athletes is unimaginable and here at ADAB Sports Consulting PVT. LTD. we bring these unimaginable opportunities right to the door step of budding athletes

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